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The Desert Moon Dancers troupe was founded in 1991 by Artistic Director Nancy L. Barrett (dance name Su'ad). Based in the Hartford, Connecticut area, the troupe specializes in Near and Middle Eastern dance (also known as "belly dance").

Near and Middle Eastern dance has a long history, dating from at least ancient Greece. This dance is based on flowing combinations of movement layered over the hip articulations that are particular to this dance form. Audiences in the United States have been fascinated by this dance since it was first introduced at the Chicago World Exhibition in 1883.

The Desert Moon Dancers blend modern and folkloric styling into dances that entertain and delight, as well as showing the range of expression that make this dance unique. Troupe members are continuously perfecting dance technique and perform and teach at many venues throughout the year.

Persian Fantasy

DMD Ethnic with Canes
DMD Performs Ask Hijara and Astrea Duet Suad and Rayya Balancing Canes

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